2014 TV Recap

I watch a lot of TV. I’m also very easily entertained, so I watch a lot of different stuff and I like a lot of different stuff. This list is what I really enjoyed this past season, and what I hope to see continuing.

Mild Spoilers ahead.

(Not in any order)

1. Constantine


I love this show. There was a big drama about the fact that NBC is halting production after the current 13 episodes, and everyone thought they were axing it. I still hope desperately that they don’t cancel it because it’s great—good acting, interesting storylines, Matt Ryan’s accent, interesting characters, Matt Ryan’s face…you get the picture. This show is very VERY dark, but so so good. Please NBC. Don’t cancel Constantine. #SaveConstantine

Constantine airs Fridays at 8/7c on NBC.

2. A to Z

Sadly, this has already been cancelled. NBC really doesn’t believe much in their shows; A to Z has really settled in in the last few episodes, and it’s the best its been. Cristin Milloti and Ben Feldman are adorable as Andrew and Zelda, and yeah, Andrew’s friend Stu is gross and annoying, but I love Lenora Crichlow (and have ever since Being Human UK) as Zelda’s adorable and misguided English roommate, and the Wallflower (dating site Andrew works for)office stories are just starting to pick up some steam. But alas, it’s almost over. Forever.

A to Z airs Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.

3. Outlander

I haven’t read the books, but the TV series made me want to. Pretty much the story goes that a woman from the 1940’s is suddenly and magically transported back to the 1700’s. She desperately tries to get back to her own time and her husband, but not before learning about and living with the Scottish Highlanders from that time and falling in love with a noble and endearing Scot. This show isn’t quite as frequently graphic as many STARZ shows, but it does have its moments (AKA the entire wedding episode. Just a warning.). We were left with a painful cliffhanger at the midseason finale, and now we have to wait till mid spring to see what happens next. Good production quality…I don’t love the actress playing Claire, but I do love the actor playing Jamie. And that’s what really matters, right? I am afraid that things are only going to get more twisted in the near future.

Outlander returns to STARZ on April 4th at 9pm.

4. The Originals

I don’t know how to aptly describe my love for this show. I used to love The Vampire Diaries. I purposefully (and stupidly) didn’t watch The Originals because I thought I wouldn’t like it. IT IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, Haley, and Marcel are far more interesting (not to mention the plot is so much better) than Elena, Damon, and Stefan and their obnoxious love triangle. Can we take a moment to discuss how wildly wonderful and complex Elijah and Klaus’ characters are? I love seeing these two very dark characters working through issues every episode. But especially Elijah. Because he’s adorable. And damn can he wear a suit.


Excuse my language.

Like, 98% of the time, he wears a suit and looks amazing. And you know hell is about to break loose when he takes his jacket off and rolls up his sleeves. Not to mention that he’s noble, kind, loyal, extremely attractive… Giving teenage girls unrealistic expectations of vampires since the 900’s. I hope this show is on forever, and that Haley and Elijah get together, stay together, and have beautiful, well dressed children. Also, we are in serious need of some Klaus and Caroline time. No Cami is NOT a good substitute.

Ok, moving on, sorry.

The Originals airs on Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

5. Gran Hotel

Gran hotel

This didn’t actually air this year, but I found it a few months ago on Netflix. It’s pretty much Spain’s Downton Abbey, but I think I may like it even more than DA. It doesn’t have some of the charm (There’s no Maggie Smith Character making sassy comments) but it doesn’t kill off your favorite characters just when they are finding happiness. Yes it’s in Spanish, and yes it’s completely worth watching. Beautiful sets and costumes, great acting, likeable characters, villains you love to hate, and mysteries aplenty, you will love Gran Hotel. And Netflix needs to put season 3 up because unless you speak Spanish, you won’t find it anywhere else.

6. Once Upon a Time


Season 4 brought us the Frozen storyline, romance for Regina (with Robin Hood, how could it be better?) and plenty of Captain Swan goodness. I’m not completely caught up yet, but what I have seen, I’ve really enjoyed (especially the Captain Swan stuff). I thought they cast Anna and Elsa very well, and of course, Hook and Emma are adorable and will hopefully be the endgame. I also really like Regina and Robin. Lets keep up the adorableness on all fronts, shall we? Although we could do with a tiny bit more Charming and Snow these days. Honestly though, I’m not really looking forward to weird random evil queen people. Hopefully they’ll make it work.

Once Upon a Time returns Sunday March 1 at 8/7c on ABC.

7: The Musketeers

I love The Musketeers; and season 2 is already proving to be more serious, darker, with higher stakes and creepier villains. This show is fun; it’s definitely a more contemporary version (not in setting, but in style) on the classic story, and it’s so worth watching. Here there be swashbuckling heroes and adorable and miserable forbidden romance aplenty.

The Musketeers airs on Saturdays 9/8c on BBC America.

8: Sword Art Online


This season of SAO was just weird and disappointing. First, we had the Gun Gale Online arc with Kirito going into GGO to take down Phantom Bullet (he still used a sword even in a gun based game, so it wasn’t too bad) and then there was this random slightly bizarre arc of Asuna meeting a girl with AIDS…I’m not even really sure what the second half of the season was going for. I would love to get back to the days when SAO was about defeating bosses to stay alive and Kirito and Asuna falling in love. Cause that story made sense and was interesting. Of course I’ll keep watching, because I loved season 1, but I hope it gets less weird soon.

9: Sailor Moon Crystal


The reboot of Sailor Moon is fantastic. The art is better, the script is better…I really hope they stick with it and keep making episodes, because it’s so fun seeing a better version of one of my favorite childhood shows.

10: Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride)

Blue Spring Ride

This was a random choice on Crunchyroll, which quickly turned into an obsession. I love Blue Spring Ride; it’s perfect for fans of “Say ‘I Love You’” and other romantic dramas. I’m sort of worried it’s finished (that would be tragic) since we didn’t get much of a conclusion at all, but I can’t find anywhere if it’s continuing. It’s a sweet story of two friends who are trying to figure out what they mean to each other as they go through hard times. Gorgeous art. Cute story.


Those were the main shows I either marathoned or kept up with. There are plenty others on hiatus that I am waiting for like CW’s Beauty and the Beast…I also just started watching Arrow and Flash and I love them both. CW seems to be doing better these days as far as the quality of their shows.

What’s your favorite TV show? Have you seen any of the ones I listed? What shows do you think I should watch next?

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