5 Kdrama Tropes I Love

Kdrama has a wide array of tropes that keep things familiar, if a bit predictable. These five following things are certain to make me smile when they show up in shows. The first few of them are things I will laugh at, and then as we get closer to #1, I seriously love when they appear.

5. Dramatic U-Turns

Image result for k drama u turn gif

So many car scenes, so many u-turns in the middle of traffic. KDRAMA SWERVE.

4. Dramatic Wrist Grabbing

Image result for k drama wrist grab gif

If 1/2 of the couple starts walking away during a tense/romantic moment, you know that wrist grab is coming. Bonus points if the wrist grab ends in a hug, like this nice gif from The Innocent Man (Nice Guy).

3. Piggyback Rides

Image result for Moonlight drawn by clouds piggyback ride gif

If you’re in Piggyback Ride territory, that means the romance is getting SERIOUS. If the couple hasn’t kissed yet, this is a good indicator that you’re within 5 episodes of that happening.

2. Back Hugs

Image result for drama back hug gif

I think back hugs are adorable, and can be very sweet. Heirs obviously thought so too (see gif above). Probably because back hugs were more romantic than Park Shin Hye’s kissing.

1. Bromance

Image result for kdrama bromance gif

Korean Drama: Show up for the romance, stay for the bromance.

JK. I actually really adore the male relationships in Kdramas. They have deep friendships that are often just as or more important than the main romance. Ever since the emergence/increase of homosexual relationships/homophobia in US TV, it’s rare that you see deep male friendships, so I adore getting to see these guys in serious friendships!!

Image result for moonlight drawn by clouds bromance gif

*One of my favorite bromances to date, from Moonlight Drawn By Clouds; The Crown Prince and his most trusted guard and close friend, Byeong Yeon*

What TV tropes make you smile when they appear in your favorite shows?

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