Disney Rambles: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

I don’t do roller coasters. Like, even the baby ones. That’s part of the reason I love Disney World; so many of their rides are stories, or fun boat rides, rather than thrill rides. But on my trip with my parents last October, we rode some of the thrill rides for the first time.

And I found my new favorite thing to do in Magic Kingdom.

The Seven Dwarfs Mine train is the newest “thrill ride” in the Magic Kingdom. It’s really not that scary (even for me), but it is rather thrilling. It’s fast moving, jerky, with a few drops (nothing major), and some quick turns. It’s themed after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and there’s a moment where you go through the mine where the Dwarfs are mining and singing “Heigh Ho” and it is every Disney lovers dream.

*I love that Disney makes these videos that follow YOUR ride experience. Such a cool step up from the simple ‘take picture on this ride’*

I highly recommend riding it at night. Being able to see the Magic Kingdom lit up like that was so incredibly magical and fun. Probably my favorite experience of the day.

Unfortunately, this ride almost always has over an hour wait line, and many times, I’ve seen it be 90 minutes to two hours long. Fast passes are gone a month in advance. I’ve heard that the best time to catch it is in the morning at rope drop, because there’s virtually no line, but of course, you then miss out on riding it at night. This past weekend, we walked straight there after rope drop, and the line was already ridiculous, at least 30 minutes long, which is short for this ride, but still.

The good news about the long line is that there’s some fun stuff in the queue, especially once you get about halfway through the line. There are games and theming to keep everyone interested, and music from the movie once you get closer to the ride itself.


*That’s me in the white tank top in front of the man in the blue shirt. This was my “I can’t believe I’m having this much fun on a roller coaster” face*

So next time you’re in Magic Kingdom, do your best to try to get on this ride. It’s incredibly fun.

Next up on the Magic Kingdom Bucket List: Ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

5 out of 5 Stars

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  1. sarah higbee says:

    Oh wow… that looks fabulous:). I’ve never been. We have Disneyland, Paris and I’d love to take the grandchildren, but it’s just one of things we haven’t had the time or money for, yet.

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