Fangirl Friday: Growl by Exo

Welcome to the shallowest part of the week: Fangirl friday! Where I shallowly fangirl about cute guys, great performances, cute guys, lovely romances, and cute guys.

Today, I’m majorly fangirling over Exo’s music video for Growl. Seriously, watch this and PRETEND like you didn’t fangirl the entire way through:


You know you fangirled. A little bit. 
But really, there’s actually a lot of great stuff happening here besides being a large group of super attractive guys. Lots of good dancing going on, and musically, I love this group. They have great voices, with lots of cool harmonies and musical variety in their songs. Keep it coming, Exo! (Especially you Baekhyun <3)

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  1. Tami says:

    All I can say is wow that takes a lot of core strength! Haha! I am glad you are looking at entertainment all over the world and finding some great stuff!

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