Film Friday Flashback: The Goonies


I have never actually seen the Goonies. I was born in the ‘90’s, so watching ‘80’s movies wasn’t unusual, this just wasn’t one of the ones we owned. I’ve heard about it from a lot of people though, who remember it fondly from their childhood.


Ok, this movie is hilarious; how have I never seen it before?? It feels sort of like a combination of Indiana Jones and Super 8. Plus, I had no idea Sean Astin and Josh Brolin were in this! They’re such babies too!

So if you’ve never seen it before, this group of kids (they call themselves The Goonies) go on this adventure to find whatever the map from the old story of One Eyed Willy leads them to. They get caught up in a mess with some less than brilliant criminals, and there’s a weird mutant guy involved? I didn’t quite understand that part, but anyway, the kids race through these caves that have booby traps and puzzles to get to treasure. All in all, it’s a fun ride, a light version of Indiana Jones.

The kids are all very distinct and quite funny. Mikey is the straight man, the one to whom the adventure means the most, and his older brother (played by Josh Brolin) who is really only there to keep him out of trouble (which he fails miserably at). There’s an asian kid who is almost impossible to understand the entire time, Chunk (famous for The Truffle Shuffle) who made me laugh almost every time he opened his mouth, and Mouth (resident Spanish speaker). The group is wildly entertaining. There’s a lot of manic running around and freaking out and it’s pretty hilarious.

All in all this wild treasure hunt is vastly entertaining, and well done. It doesn’t feel like it’s relegated to “kids movie”, and I believe it can be enjoyed by all ages (though there’s language in it, so not too young!)

Favorite Moment:

There are so many great lines; Chunk “telling the criminals everything” was a particularly hysterical scene.

Least Favorite Moment:

I don’t really think I have one. This was a super fun movie. Lots of hilarious moments.

What are your favorite memories of The Goonies?

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