Wow, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? You guys probably thought I was gone for good. I kind of thought I might be too, but as I kept thinking about it, I realized I missed blogging. I will definitely NOT be as prolific as before, since my job has gotten so much busier, but I probably will continue posting every now and then when I have time.

I’m planning on expanding a bit past books (though I’m planning on reviewing them still, of course), but now that I’m doing lots of voice acting, I want to expand a bit into anime, as well as continuing to review Kdramas, movies, share Disney vacay tips, etc. I haven’t read much at all recently (I think I read like, 4 books last year OMG WHO AM I), but I’m hoping to read more this year. I set my Good Reads challenge at 20 books for 2018 (which feels hilarious since I read about 100 a few years ago).

Recently I did Whole30; it was an amazing and terrible experience, and I’ll be writing a post about it soon, and how I’m doing now that it’s over. So be looking forward to that.

What have you all been up to since I’ve been away? What books should I DEFINITELY check out from the last year? I’ve been so out of the loop that I hardly know where to start!

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