I went to a Blogilates class with Cassey Ho and I’ve been too sore to move ever since…

So about a week and a half ago, I got an email from Blogilates saying that Cassey Ho (Blogilates creator/POP Pilates extraordinaire/all around awesome woman) was going to be teaching a class near me. And not just in the Dallas area. She was teaching a class that was literally five minutes from my house. So of course I went!

Blogilates Class

Of course, I didn’t know anyone, so I just boldly chose a spot near the front to lay out my yoga mat (and I had serious yoga mat envy for all the girls who had bright, neon colored “Blogilates” yoga mats). I couldn’t even tell you how many people were there, and supposedly that was an “intimate” class. Cassey walked in, we all cheered, and she, of course, being the beautiful human being that she is, was so bubbly and fun, even in the midst of a pretty difficult workout.

Pretty difficult meaning really hard. Even she was shaking on some parts, and unless she was faking it, that should tell you something about how hard it was.

She was so funny; at the beginning of the class she said “This workout is going to be really hard you guys! Harder than the videos; I know you guys pause me when you watch the videos. You can’t pause me today!”

Cassey Ho

(There was a meet and greet after the class but there were a ton of fangirling teenagers there so I decided to skip it; hence this being the only picture I got of Cassey)

But I’ve never smiled or laughed so much in a workout. Cassey is so great about sprinkling in little encouraging phrases throughout her workouts (the same goes for her videos). It seriously made me wish I lived in California so I could take her class all the time.

So this class took place on Sunday. I have been sore every day since then. Like, please don’t make me walk today sore.

To check out Cassey’s awesome blog, go HERE.

To dive right into her workout videos, check out her Youtube Channel.

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