Kpop Corner: Debut to Now – Seventeen

In honor of Seventeen’s world tour right (which I saw twice in the past two weeks!! AMAZING), we’re starting my favorite monthly activity: debut to now! We’ll take a look at a group’s debut song, and then their latest release to see how they’ve changed, grown, and matured as artists! And we’re starting with, of course, Seventeen!

Debut: Adore You (2015)

4 years ago, these boys burst onto the scene, absolutely killing it with their debut song Adore U. For reals though, this debut is awesome. They’ve obviously grown a lot since then (you’ll see what I mean in the next video) but they immediately had a new level of synchronicity that hadn’t been seen much in kpop (and that’s saying something, since most groups have great synchronization).

Now: Fear (2019)

Fast forward four years, and Seventeen is at the top. Woozi’s music studio is appropriately named the “Universe Factory”, and Hoshi and Dino are choreographing dances that no mere human could perform. They continue to push the limits of what a group can do. Lest you fear they have completely left their boyish charm beyond, fear no more. The b-track companion to “Fear” was “Snapshoot” which is even cuter and sillier than their debut was. These boys know how to deliver in all types and genres now, and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

What is your favorite Seventeen performance?

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