Love Triangles I Love to Hate: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

You knew I had to go there at some point, so I figured I would do it sooner rather than later.

When I was a wee thing, back in high school, Twilight was really the book that ignited my love of reading all things paranormal, romance-y, young adult…you name it. I was a reader before that (Maximum Ride was my JAM in middle school, not to mention that I’m part of the Harry Potter Generation), but once I read Twilight, I couldn’t stop reading everything in sight (and now you’re reading my book blog, so obviously we can see where that path led). I was entranced by Edward’s seemingly arbitrary love for Bella; as someone who had never had a boy interested in me, the idea of a gorgeous, intelligent, piano-playing, swoon worthy guy being in love with a girl who doesn’t seem to have any remarkable qualities and who’s just…normal…that was really attractive to me.

Well, six years later, I still have never had a boyfriend, but lets just say my view of Twilight has…changed a bit.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have respect and affection for pre-movie Twilight (although, I won’t lie, the movies really ruined the books for me). I was obsessed with it the first time I read it. And then I read each book probably three times again. I’ve read so much paranormal romance since then that I may never have read, and I really attribute that to Twilight. I don’t really focus on the psychology of the book that everyone wags their finger at; I’m more interested in the story and the characters…plus, for me, paranormal books have different rules than real life books. Everyone who applies normal psychology to it (while I’m not saying they are wrong) hasn’t really bought into some of those rules (like, Bella can’t tell anyone about the vampires; Edward isn’t doing this to isolate her from her friends in order to control her like many people say, it’s to keep her friends safe. If this were a YA contemporary, I’d be like HE’S CRAZY GET OUT NOW, but it’s Paranormal Romance. The game is different). But I digress. I’m not here to talk about the psychology of Bella and Edward’s romantic relationship.

I’m here to talk about the Bella-Edward-Jacob love triangle.

First of all, I don’t REALLY count this as a love triangle. Then why are we talking about it, you ask? Because it’s THE love triangle. The one people point to or bring up in conversations about love triangles. If you didn’t know that Bella and Edward were eventually going to end up together, you obviously weren’t paying attention. There was no way in H-E-L-L that Bella was really going to end up with Jacob. The tension just wasn’t there. Jacob really is just a rebound in New Moon. Bella is distraught enough to try to kill herself just to see Edward again, which doesn’t really spell love with Jacob.

Sure, I think Bella is WAY overreacting when she does flirt with death just so she can see Edward. But I think that was part of the point. I don’t think Stephanie Meyer was like “Hey guys, this is a good thing!” I think she was partly pointing out the crazy, unhealthy things people do for love. But, I mean, it’s not like I was there when she was writing it. Maybe she’s just a psycho who wishes she was married to a vampire.

Second of all, Jacob ends up imprinting on Bella and Edward’s baby. Some wolf thing. Except not, cause they’re not actually wolves right? I feel like Stephanie Meyer just kind of drank her way through Breaking Dawn and wrote down whatever weird thing that came into her brain. Anyway, I know Stephanie probably just wanted some sort of happy ending for Jacob and there wasn’t anyone but Renesmee left to put him with. But his sudden change from loving Bella was jarring. All of the sudden, New Moon was practically meaningless because Jacob wasn’t ACTUALLY in love with Bella. He was in love with her Renesmee egg.

Sorry guys. That’s a little too far. I apologize.

But really. It gets so silly. I don’t mind the rest of the plot, but Jacob really gets a ridiculous storyline in Breaking Dawn. It’s just weird. I would have preferred the non-tension of the love triangle to just remain rather than tying it up in a bizarre little bow. I know, I can’t believe I just said that either. We all knew Bella was going to end up with Edward, it was only a matter of time. Jacob didn’t have to imprint on an unborn baby to find happiness.

Can we talk about how I would rather read another series about Jacob finding said happiness instead of the gender swapped Twilight that was just announced?

What are your thoughts on the infamous Twilight love triangle?


  1. Meghan says:

    I have so many thoughts about Twilight. They mostly revolve around how annoying Bella is. Also how controlling Edward is and how it’s looked at as if it is romantic and true love. Don’t get me wrong, I read them all–I had to! I also agree that the entire Jacob thing was just weird.

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