Monday Moment #1

This is a new addition to the family here on Ramblings on Readings; it’s likely that it will become part of It’s Monday, What are You Reading? But for this month, it gets the spotlight because of the Kdrama Bonanza we’ve got going on.

This week, it’s all about Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. This show is achingly romantic, beautifully produced, incredibly acted, and will stay with you long after it’s over. In this scene, our main girl Hae Soo has been battered from every direction, and while the other princes want to help her, the only one to really commit is 4th Prince, who steps up and shields her from the rain. I loved this moment, even more so than many of their happy moments because it was really the turning point for them. Check it out!


Want more of this gorgeous show? Check it out here!

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