Monday Moment #2

This week is all about a much happier drama than the previous week’s Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. This week I’m fangirling over Moonlight Drawn by Clouds! This historical drama is sugary sweet and full of adorable moments, as well as political intrigue, interesting characters, and evil old guys who just need to go die already.

I love this couple because it’s very different from your average Kdrama historical couple. The Crown Prince here is always taking care of Ra On (who is his servant, long story short). In many historical dramas, anyone in the royal family, no matter how much they may love their partner, ends up having a scene where they’re like “Well I’m the king so you have to do what I say or you can get out!”. Not so in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. This scene especially is so sweet, and one of the few moments where Ra On is very honestly vulnerable with him.


Want more of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds? Check it out here!

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