Movie Review: The Great Gatsby


2.5 Stars


Rated PG-13 for some violent images, sexual content, smoking, partying and brief language

I was very excited to watch this movie. I was appropriately wary, of course, having seen three Baz Luhrmann movies previously. But I love the 20’s, and Gatsby is an interesting story. I read the book in high school, so I didn’t remember it super well, but I looked up a synopsis and the movie seemed to follow the book fairly closely. So there’s that.

The really sad thing about this movie is that it was SO CLOSE to being awesome. The costumes on the main characters were awesome, and the acting was great. I personally think Baz maybe wasn’t the best choice for this movie. If it had been solidly a period piece, it would have been great. But because of the modern elements (music, some staging etc), it felt more like a 20’s costume party rather than a period piece.

I mean, it’s the 20’s. How much more style do you need? The clothing was fantastic, the parties were extravagant, and it was the age of jazz. WHY would you mess with jazz??? I was not a fan of the mix of modern and classic music. I just felt that it pulled you out of the world too much. But, that’s Baz’s style, so I should have known better.

Leonardo di Caprio is a very sexy man. I loved him in this role. He really sort of makes the whole thing work on whatever level it worked on for me. Carey Mulligan was absolutely radiant as Daisy. I really had no qualms with the cast. Even Tobey Maguire who is not my favorite did an admirable job. I thought everyone was cast well.

So all in all, not a bad movie. Not a great one though. Worth watching just to say you saw it. Plus, it’s never a hardship to watch Leo run around on screen in a suit drinking champagne and wooing Carey Mulligan (who just happens to be wearing absolutely gorgeous dresses and looking ridiculously fabulous).

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