Pick of the Week: Nathan Chen’s Redemptive Olympic Free Program

If you’re an American, or a fan of Nathan Chen’s, you know how much of a roller coaster it was to watch his Olympic experience. He had two pretty unfortunate short programs (one in the team competition, and then again in the men’s individual event), but then said “I’ve got nothing to lose”, and came back with this INCREDIBLE free program, which vaulted him from 17th place to a 5th place finish (and earned him the highest score of the night). It was quite the inspiring story to watch unfold, and I personally cannot wait to see what he accomplishes in the future.

I love getting to see live videos of figure skating because it gives you a completely different experience than what you see on TV. I do love getting to see all the emotion and the details up close, but you lose out on seeing just how much ice they cover, and how fast they’re doing it. This video is so cool to watch to see how he fills the rink, not to mention hearing the audiences reactions to his SIX quads (five of which he landed perfectly).

Did you watch Nathan Chen in the Olympics? Who was your favorite performer in the Men’s Individual Event? I’m fairly new to watching Ice Skating (outside of the Olympics), but I have the feeling I’ll be trying to catch major competitions from now on!

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