Pick of the Week: The Shibutani’s Olympic Free Program

I am a huge fan of the Olympics. I don’t really watch sports of any kind outside of the Olympics, but when that magical time rolls around every two years, I’m glued to my TV, ready to cheer on every athlete I’ve never heard of in sports I don’t understand.

Ok, I follow Ice Skating a little bit, but that’s about all. That doesn’t stop me from aggressively learning everything I can about the athletes in those two weeks so that I sound like I know what I’m talking about when I post about it on Facebook.

Anyway, my pick of the week this week is the Shibutani’s Free Program, which placed them on the podium to win bronze. They really created magic on the ice (all the top teams did), which is one of the reasons why Ice Dancing is my favorite of the Ice Skating disciplines.


I love their reaction at the end. They skated their hearts out, and the entire room knew it. I love watching performances like this. I was so thrilled that they got bronze.

What was your favorite Figure Skating moment from the 2018 Olympics?


  1. sjhigbee says:

    While I have often in the past followed the ice skating during the Olympics, this time around I was spellbound by the snowboarding and ski-ing events such as the freestyle, half pipe and big air. Apart from anything else, the commentary on the BBC was a joy:). But like you – I’m really missing the lack of the Winter Olympics!

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