Reader Recommends: 2019 TV Shows

Today we’re talking about our favorite TV shows of 2019! I’ll share a few that I watched and would recommend, and then a few I didn’t get to, but definitely have on my to-watch list!

Ramblings Recommends:

My Strange Hero

This show is equal parts adorable and dramatic, frustrating and satisfying. It follows the story of a young man that was expelled from school for something he didn’t even do, and how he returns to finish school ten years later. With his ex-girlfriend as his homeroom teacher. Let the cuteness ensue. Yoo Seung Ho is one of my favorite Rom-com actors, and he is the most likable here as Kang Bok Soo, trying to take revenge on those who did him wrong, while also trying (and succeeding) to woo his homeroom teacher, Son Soo Jeong. There’s a lot of interesting familial conflict here as well, which is very common in Kdramas, comparing horrible parenting to wonderful parents, and highlighting how important supportive community is.


I’m putting off watching the last episode of this show because apparently it’s a major cliffhanger, and I’m just not prepared emotionally for that. But the rest of this show is AWESOME. I would categorize it as an action/mystery/thriller, with Bourne-esque scenes in every episode. There’s a dash of romance between the adorable leads (Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy) and more twists and turns than you’ll find in a hedge maze. Definitely recommended and definitely need a second season.


Ok, so Riverdale is simultaneously completely ridiculous and completely addicting. The premise of season one was actually really great with trying to find a murderer of one of the most affluent teens in town (although season 1 Archie is the WORST) and the production quality was interesting and well done. I still liked season 2 and 3 (haven’t gotten around to starting 4 yet) but it felt like they went back to somewhat formulaic production. Anyway, this is CW through and through, but the mysteries are pretty interesting, and the main cast is very likable (once we get past season 1 Archie). Plus Betty and Jughead are GOALS. This one is recommended for fans of the CW shows like Vampire Diaries, or shows like Veronica Mars.

2019 TV Shows I Want to Watch

Hotel Del Luna

IU and Yeo Jin Goo (boy had a busy year) in a fantasy/romance drama? YES PLEASE.

The Crowned Clown

I’ve actually seen the first five episodes and this show is AMAZING. Yeo Jin Goo is a national treasure. What an incredible actor.


I love everything Park Bo Young does (see Oh My Ghostess and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon), and Ahn Hyoseop is pretty to look at, so I’m here for this drama.

What was your favorite TV Show of 2019?

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