Saturday Shuffle #12: Once Upon a Dream

DISNEY TIME. I love Disney. I want to work there. I want to live there. I want to be always immersed in happy magical Disney feelings.

So the score for Sleeping Beauty is of course, actually a Tchaikovsky ballet, making it one of the most beautiful scores in any Disney movie. I absolutely adore the music and the artwork for Sleeping Beauty, and Mary Costa as Aurora is simply enchanting. I love the smile you can hear in her voice as she sings.

Prince Philip cracks me up in this scene. He’s so smooth. I think I’m safe in saying that most girls find his take charge “we’re going to dance now and it’s going to be fun and lovely” attitude very attractive (can we just get over the pushy guy argument and enjoy the romance? It’s Disney for goodness sake!) He’s charming about it and they’re WALTZING which is, oh hey, actually romantic rather than creepy or gross, like most dancing today. That’s another thing you guys out there should know. There are a lot of girls that actually really like it when guys know how to dance like this. It’s insanely attractive, especially if you lead well. I’m serious.

Anyway, here’s the adorable and iconic scene from Sleeping Beauty!



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