Saturday Shuffle #37

Welcome to Saturday Shuffle!  Break out the old iPod (or iPhone, iTouch, MP3 player, ZUNE, ANY ZUNE USERS STILL OUT THERE??) and press the shuffle button. What song pops up? Share it– even if it makes you ashamed of your 12 year old self. Then bask in the musical shenanigans fate has chosen for the day.

Our show for the week is another historical drama, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds! Much lighter than the drama we looked at last week (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo), Moonlight Drawn by Clouds starts out as a silly romantic comedy that slowly morphs into a more serious romance with some darker politics as the Crown Prince navigates the treacherous court.

This week’s song is: Because I Miss You by Beige

I think this song is just gorgeous. I really loved this show, especially after all the heartbreak of Scarlet Heart. There’s some serious stuff in Moonlight, but the overall tone is much lighter. Definitely a good watch if you like historical romantic comedies. The last few episodes get really serious, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel, I promise!

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