Saturday Shuffle #38

Welcome to Saturday Shuffle!  Break out the old iPod (or iPhone, iTouch, MP3 player, ZUNE, ANY ZUNE USERS STILL OUT THERE??) and press the shuffle button. What song pops up? Share it– even if it makes you ashamed of your 12 year old self. Then bask in the musical shenanigans fate has chosen for the day.

This week I’m reviewing my second favorite show of 2016!! Healer has everything I want in entertainment: a really well done and clever plot/script, beautiful and wildly entertaining leads who fall madly in love with each other, hilarious banter, great fight scenes, mysteries to solve, good triumphing over evil…I loved everything about it. If I had to recommend one Kdrama to someone (who maybe wasn’t super into the heavy romance of Descendants of the Sun), it would be Healer, with no hesitation. I think it’s a good first Kdrama too because it’s super accessible for people who may not watch foreign/international entertainment.

This week’s song is: You by BEN

Healer didn’t have my favorite soundtrack (I got super tired of hearing “My Eternal Love” every time Jung Hoo and Young Shin had a romantic scene together), but I do love BEN’s voice (she sang one of my favorites on the Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Soundtrack too).  Oi vey…it’s time to watch Healer again.


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