Saturday Spotlight: Ichabod Temperance and Giveaway!!

On today’s Saturday Spotlight, I am thrilled to be featuring Ichabod Temperance, author of the steampunk books “A Matter of Temperance” and “A World of InTemperance”. I’m so excited to read and review these books later this fall, so be on the lookout for those reviews!

Here’s a synopsis of “A World of InTemperance”:

It is New Year’s Eve, 1875. In this humorously told Steampunk tale, adventure-prone Ichabod Temperance and his lovely sweetheart, Miss Persephone Plumtartt, once again find themselves swept up into a whirlwind of misadventure and international catastrophe. The entire world totters on the brink of war, as various nations develop arsenals of dreadful power. It seems as though every nation on Earth lusts for Empire. A sinister plot boils to change the course of human history. Along with a remarkable cast of characters, including sapient animals and clockwork men, our heroes find themselves plunged into unimaginable peril!

Check it out: Good Reads | Amazon

For the first book, “A Matter of Temperance”: Good ReadsAmazon

And now, A GIVEAWAY!! Enter to win a copy of both “A Matter of Temperance” and “A World of InTemperance”!!
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The author is a silly little fellow living in Irondale, Alabama, with his furry pack family and lovely muse, Miss Persephone Plumtartt.

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