Throwback Thursday: Entwined

Today, I’m going back to when I reviewed a book that I put down multiple times, before fully committing and realizing I LOVED IT. Maybe the beginning is just a tad slow, but once I got into it, I really adored Heather Dixon’s re-telling of the fairy tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Entwined is full of magic, adorable romance, sweet family bonding, and eerie villains.

Here’s my review!

“So, I’d like to take a moment before actually getting into the book to say that I primarily picked Entwined up because I thought the cover was so beautiful. Book covers are very important. Like this book, I have picked up many novels based on the attractiveness of their covers. Now that I have actually read it, the cover makes perfect sense as well.

However, this book is deceptive. It is parading about as a mildly childlike tale about sisters and dancing and magic, when really, there is some pretty horrifying stuff going on. I was a teensy bit bored with the beginning of the book, which mostly had to do with introducing the myriad of characters and showing how woeful it was that all the princess’s were in mourning for their mother’s death. Not a whole lot happened, except for getting to know the delightful cast of characters, and finding out that Heather Dixon REALLY wanted you to know that pretty much the only thing the girls cared about was dancing. There was a bit of a tone shift half way through the book when things started getting really interesting.

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