Top Ten Kdrama Kisses from 2016

Welcome, Romance Addicts! Kdrama kisses have a different weight and significance than most US shows, and are usually won after many other romantic gestures or moments. So I’ve gathered my favorite kisses from shows I watched in 2016, from some of my favorite couples. This goes in order, with #1 being my favorite. I’ll give a short explanation of what’s going on, and I’ll leave out names so you don’t have to try to follow too much if you don’t know the shows. Obviously this is a pretty spoilery post, so if you want to remain ignorant to watch these shows, feel free to skip this post.

Honorable Mention – Jealousy Incarnate – Episode 14 – We Must Be Crazy

I haven’t finished this show yet, but I had very mixed feelings about this scene when I got to it. I was very firmly team Second Lead, and then this happened and I didn’t know what to think. Compared to their relationship up until this point, this scene is awesome. I was not rooting for them until this episode happened. They have electric chemistry here, and their acting is so so good. Long story short, girl had a crush on guy for three years; he ignored and even ridiculed her for it. Guy finds out he has breast cancer (she finds out with him). Now she knows his secrets, and she’s the only one he can trust, and he starts falling for her, even though she’s now dating his best friend.

10. W – Episode 2 – Slap and Kiss 

In this scene, main girl has been transported into the comic (written by her father). She’s trying to find a way to get back to her world; she thinks she can do so by somehow surprising/changing the feelings of the main character, and therefore ending the chapter. This is her attempt at doing so. This is not one of their romantic kisses, but it’s such a funny scene, and it’s nice to see a kdrama kiss where the guy is surprised, rather than the girl having the deer in the headlights look!

9. The Innocent Man (Nice Guy) – Episode 15 – Our First Kiss

So I didn’t actually like this drama very much, it was too soapy and had a distinct lack of morals and happiness, but it had Song Joong Ki in it so I went for it. And this scene was really good (plus, that’s Song Joong Ki singing the OST in the background, ADORBS). Anyway, main girl has amnesia from a car accident, and she can’t remember kissing her boyfriend (Song Joong Ki). He previously had lied to her about their first kiss, and when she discovers his lie, she confronts him about it. He responds with this scene.

8. Descendants of the Sun – Episode 9 – Truck Kiss

I could probably fill this entire top ten list with just kisses/moments from Descendants of the Sun, but I tried to keep it even between other shows. There are just so many ridiculously adorable and romantic moments between these two. This scene is a great picture of their relationship; there are plenty of playful, funny bantering moments, as well as serious, earnest moments. Main girl has been rejecting the captain for a while because she’s scared of what he does and that he could get hurt, so she doesn’t want to get involved. But finally, after some wisdom from a friend, she realizes she cares more about him than protecting herself.

7. Pinocchio – Episode 8 – First Kiss

Lets all take a moment to appreciate the fact that Park Shin Hye has finally learned how to kiss! (notice that Heirs is nowhere to be found on this list). Anyway, this couple has lived oddly as uncle and niece due to some very strange circumstances even though they are the same age and not even remotely related. Girl has Pinocchio syndrome (she hiccups when she lies-which you see adorably in this video; that was one of my favorite things about this show was she was completely incapable of lying to him). Both are trying to be reporters. They fall in love with each other, long story short. Here’s their adorable first kiss.

6. W – Episode 7 – Police Station Kiss

This show has a surprising number of kisses in it, but this is by far my favorite; after much hardship, the main character of the comic has tried to commit suicide because the conflict that surrounds his entire existence has proven to be false, but the main girl stops him by drawing a different ending for him. He gets very angry at her because he doesn’t think she cares about him, she just cares about controlling the story. She tells him she loves him, much to his surprise, and the following adorableness ensues.

5. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 16 – Do You Still Love Me?

This scene and the one right after it are my favorite parts of this entire show. It’s achingly romantic, and horribly sad, yet terribly wonderful all at the same time. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone haha. Anyway. These two had just gotten together when politics ripped them apart. Hero has to pretend he doesn’t care about heroine to keep her safe. She finally can’t take it anymore and meets him in secret to ask if he still loves her. Which, of course, he does. He’s a pretty violent/traumatized character too, so I adore how breathtakingly tender he is with her here.

4. Doctor Romantic – Episode 1 – Supply Closet Kiss

I’ve only watched the first five episodes of this drama, but this kiss was HAWT. Got some Grey’s Anatomy vibes, but so much more delicious. Is this the first kiss ever in the history of kdrama to be in the first episode? Anyway, intern doctor is in love with resident, sort of corners her in the supply closet. I’m really enjoying their chemistry in the show so far, and I can’t wait to see how their relationship is developed. Lots of darker, interesting conflicts in this show.

3. One Percent of Something – Episode 13 – I Might Eat You Alive

Coming in at number three is this delicious kiss from One Percent of Something. Heroine has to stay at hero’s house because someone broke into hers (just go with the kdrama logic, ok? Sure he’s a millionaire, but obviously it’s better for the story for her to stay with him rather than a hotel). They’ve been “dating” for a bit (started out as a business deal to “date” for six months to fulfill a contract, etc), and they are realizing that they are really falling for each other. I loved this scene because it’s one of the first times that she really seriously commits to the physicality of their relationship.


2. Healer – Episode 15 – It Isn’t a Dream

This is pretty much my favorite scene in the entire show. Heroine finds out Hero’s secrets, and it’s more wonderful than hero could ever imagine. She comforts him through a difficult time. Love it so much.


1. Descendants of the Sun – Episode 5 – First Kiss

Like I said earlier, I could fill this list with Descendants kisses/moments, but I love their first kiss so much. Song Joong Ki staring her down and then just going for it. My favorite part of this kiss is actually all the action that happens after the kiss; SJK’s look as he pulls a teensy bit away after the kiss, taking the wine bottle, and then how quickly he backs off when she pulls away uncomfortably. He’s so respectful of her, and I love how that part of his character comes through in this scene. Also, that soundtrack. And his uniform. <3 That’s the great thing about this show; the most romantic moments are gazes and pauses and gestures. As Si Jin and Mo Yeon say “my glances, and your best efforts”.


Love conquers all, as they say. Here’s to many more romantic moments in 2017!

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