Transformation Thursday: Week 1

So, I just recently started doing the Blogilates Beginner Calendar, and I thought I would share my journey with weekly updates for you guys. I’ve always been a fairly active person (being a musical theatre major requires me to be at dance class multiple days a week) but I’ve never been the size and level of fit I want to be. I’ve tried lots of different things, crazy diets, different types of workouts; I’ve even gotten a personal trainer (that was kind of miserable).

I have never LOVED working out like I LOVE doing Cassey’s POP Pilates workouts. This is not your average “I know it’s good for me, but I’m not gonna like it” workout. This is “I know it’s good for me, and it’s SUPER FUN” kind of workout.

So here’s the story: I went to the doctor over spring break, and of course they have to weigh you when you first come in, and the scale showed me a whopping 194 lbs. OUCH. My weight has been fluctuating between 160-190 for the past four years, and while I KNEW I hadn’t been exercising and I’d been eating whatever I felt like, it still came as kind of a shock. So I decided to look for something new to do. I got on Youtube and just typed in 10 Minute Pilates, and Cassey’s Muffin Top Video popped up. It was insanely hard, but I loved the way she interacted with you and I loved the moves in the workout. She’s really adorable and tends to go off on a story or a tangent while you’re working out, which is really distracting in a super excellent way. I was also incredibly sore for the next few days, so I knew it worked.

So I went to her blog, just cause I was curious. First of all, the blog is adorable. You can find it HERE. I found the Beginner’s Calendar. It looked awesome. It looked hard. I was suddenly filled with the uncontrollable urge to do it, conquer it, and move on to her regular monthly calendars (Cassey makes a new Calendar every month with a new video every Monday). So I started following the calendar (in the mornings no less, something I’ve always wanted to do, but never been able to make myself do).

I lost three pounds during the first week.

I still love the videos. Day Seven of every week is a rest day, and I was disappointed there wasn’t a video to do. I did her stretch video anyway. Never have I been so motivated to work out before. If you’re like me and you like being active but you don’t really like working out, I highly recommend trying Blogilates. There’s an app where you can post on a forum full of EXTREMELY encouraging people (I posted that I was just starting and got a bunch of responses saying “I’m cheering for you!” “Way to go!” etc.). I even tweeted that I had lost three pounds and Cassey herself favorited and retweeted it. People were asking what I did, how I changed my diet, etc.

Anyway, every week I’ll be sharing my progress, my favorite video of the week, and once I get home and to a kitchen, I’ll be trying some of Cassey’s eating clean recipes, and I’ll be posting those here as well. I really encourage you to join me, and feel free to share your progress here too. Having accountability and encouragement can really make all the difference!

Here’s a link to the Beginner’s Workout Calendar:  POPsters Just Starting Out

Week One Progress: –3 lbs

Favorite Video of the Week: What Makes You Bootyful Challenge

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