Drama Review: Let’s Fight Ghost

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Let’s Fight Ghost

Korean Supernatural Drama (English Subtitles)

4 Stars

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Synopsis: Having spent all her life focused on her grades, studious high schooler Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun) was really looking forward to her college entrance exams. Unfortunately, she never gets to take those exams and dies in an accident the day before. Wandering aimlessly around the world, Hyun Ji’s ghost is lost and simply can’t move on. One day, however, she meets the gorgeous Bong Pal (Ok Taec Yeon), an exorcist who just so happens to be really good at helping ghosts that have trouble moving on. Together, they work to help as many spirits transition to the afterlife as they can, getting closer to Hyun Ji’s freedom—and each other—with each and every exorcism.

Let’s Fight Ghost (also known as Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight or Bring it on, Ghost) is a super fun mix of supernatural/horror, drama, romance, and comedy, with a little mystery mixed in. The story follows Park Bong Pal, a university student who pays the bills by exorcising ghosts, and Kim Hyun Ji, a ghost who has no memories of her past, but teams up with Bong Pal when an accidental kiss causes a lost memory to surface.

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*How’s that for a first kiss?*

Hysterical hi-jinks and supernatural shenanigans ensue, and they kept me glued to the screen for all 16 episodes.

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*Why yes Bong Pal, Hyun Ji, that is a terrifying ghost. Shouldn’t you do some exorcising?*

The tone of Let’s Fight Ghost is an interesting one; when you hear “comedy” and “ghosts” in the same sentence, your brain probably goes to Ghostbusters, but that’s not an accurate parallel. The ghosts here are extremely creepy, with excellent (yet horrifying) makeup and spectacular special effects, and the big bad is really bad news.

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*One example of said creepy ghosts*

On the flip side, there are many moments of silliness and melodrama that bring much needed levity (except for during the final showdown, which was exceptionally stressful). There are heart-wrenching scenes, adorably romantic scenes, and scenes that will make you laugh so hard that your stomach will hurt. Bong Pal and Hyun Ji are extremely likable heroes with a very sweet romance. Their chemistry is adorable to watch as they grow from pretty much hating each other to completely relying on each other. They aren’t even particularly skilled at getting rid of ghosts, which adds to the humor, but they work well together, even though they certainly don’t like each other at the beginning (truly one of those love-hate relationships).

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Along for the ghost hunt ride is the wacky duo of In Rang and Chun Sang. They are the most bizarre yet wonderfully hysterical characters you will ever see.

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*They kill me. So ridiculous*

These two make up the entire Ghost Hunting club Ghostnet, and try to convince Bong Pal to team up with them so that they can get solid evidence that ghosts exist. They provide the majority of the comedy, and it’s probably the most memorable part of the show.

Some other notable characters would be the mysterious professor Joo Hye-Sung (who just looks evil to me, but everyone’s always like “look how attractive and cool he is!”. While I was like HE’S OBVIOUSLY THE VILLAIN WHY IS EVERYONE SO STUPID), Monk Myung-Cheol – a Buddhist monk who tries to take care of Bong Pal, and Seo-yeon AKA the nicest woman in the world, a university student that Bong Pal has a serious crush on (until he realizes how perfect Hyun Ji is for him 🙂 )

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Let’s Fight Ghost is mostly episodic, with our heroes taking on different ghosts they get hired to exorcise in each episode. The big bad is there for the whole season, but he’s not really directly involved until about halfway through.

I really hope they make a second season of Let’s Fight Ghost (though I doubt they will). It ended pretty satisfactorily and conclusively (except for one detail, but I’m trying to let it go), but they left plenty of room to continue if they wanted to. I would not say no to watching Bong Pal and Hyun Ji kick some more ghost butt.

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Content: 15+. Horror (scary ghosts), action, peril, abuse, kissing. The ghosts are creepy, but not too terrible, plus there’s so much comedy that it keeps the mood pretty light most of the time. Some of the ghosts backstories are pretty serious, but it never crosses the line.


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