TV Tuesday Discussion: Wonder Woman (1975)

Thanks again to Christine for recommending Wonder Woman! I sort of chronicled my thoughts as I watched the Pilot of this 1975 super hero classic. I’d love for you to watch the pilot as well and tell me your thoughts! Come back next week to see what show I’ll be watching in May!


Intro/Theme Song: This is a really exciting song. They keep singing “Wonder Woman” like the watcher is going to forget what they’re watching. It’s peppy, but a little annoying. Aside from that, I loved that the opening credits were based on the comic book art. Really cool and looks a lot like something that might be made today, what with all the current interest in ‘vintage’ art for this sort of thing.

Right from the start, this feels like Hogan’s Heroes, which is an excellent thing. I love Hogan’s Heroes. Whether it stays that way or not is too early to tell. So far, it doesn’t seem as silly, but it has that air to it.

Wow, we are already ten minutes in, and we haven’t even seen Wonder Woman. Or the actress playing her. In any form. This is going to be a very dramatic entrance. It’s all USA vs. the Nazi’s right now.

And there she is. I mean, I guess I don’t really know anything about Wonder Woman, so the fact that she’s some super powered Island Princess shouldn’t surprise me….wow, there’s like, this whole island of beautiful women sitting around who have never seen a man before. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this.

*Side note about costumes: The main characters on Paradise Island have pretty costumes, but some of the other costumes are sort of terrible.

This is all so girl power. I love it. I mean, it’s all very dramatic and there are a lot of like, funny Baywatch running moments in these Amazonian Olympics. Also, this is all going to go really south when the Queen realizes its her daughter competing when she specifically forbade her from doing so. Aaaaaaand I was NOT expecting her to be like, “I’m proud of you for going against my orders”.

And there’s the Wonder Woman costume! It has a skirt? That’s cute! She should totally keep that…buuuuut of course she won’t. Dang Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) has a teensy waist. And long legs. Sheesh.

THE INVISIBLE PLANE. It looks more like plastic. Why is the plane invisible, but they aren’t? I feel like that’s not helpful when trying to avoid your enemies.

Aw, and now she’s just going around spreading cheer and stopping bank robbers. She’s so cute. If this is how the show is, I feel like I’m really going to enjoy it. She’s just so incredibly likable. Plus I’m sensing some sort of epic romance between her and Steve (pilot who washes up on Paradise Island, Wonder Woman takes him back to America). I’m all about the epic romances.

Oh look, Wonder Woman signed with a Talent Agent. That’s…cute. And weird, though not unbelievable. And good grief, is EVERYONE a Nazi on this show? Wonder Woman has a lot of work to do.

Oh no. Cheesy fight sequence. Things were going so well. Isn’t Wonder Woman supposed to be super strong? Does this other woman just have super nazi strength or something?


Aww, she and Steve are going to work together? This is going to get so good, I can tell. I think I would really enjoy this show.

Overall Impression:

This is my first time watching this, so I have no feelings of nostalgia attached (especially since I wasn’t alive when it aired) but it’s good timing, with all the super hero movies that are out right now. It’s a very positive show for women, with Wonder Woman being able to take care of herself and not needing men to save her. I like Wonder Woman’s character; she’s charming, a bit naive, but quick thinking and fast acting. Sure, Wonder Woman had no problem taking out the Nazi’s. That didn’t make it less entertaining. And there’s obviously some romance that’ll develop, which is always a positive in my book.

Will I Watch More?

I feel like I could be endlessly entertained by this show. And it probably only gets better as it settles in. Yeah, the special effects are terrible and the fight scenes so far aren’t great, but it has the feel of ‘this is an old charming tv show’ rather than ‘this is bad’ (plus it was made in the 70’s, so I wasn’t expecting great special effects). So yes, I can safely say that I would be willing to pull this out on a rainy day to keep me entertained.

Have you seen Wonder Woman? What are your favorite memories from this 70’s TV Show?


  1. Christine says:

    Excellent review. I was curious what you would think having no history with the show. It appears to have served you well. I have back to watch parts and found it disappointing compared to what I remember in my head. The review was such that now I have to go back and watch it all over again. Won’t Phil be excited?!

  2. Ichabod Temperance says:

    Hi Jessica!

    This is so nostalgic!
    I was eleven in 1975 when this tv show aired. I was a huge fan of the show! I was rather innocent and naive. I knew there was something about Wonder Woman that I liked, but I wasn’t sure what it was… I think that I can now identify why I liked the show. It’s because she is so amazingly beautiful! Linda is an icon!
    Thanks for sparking this memory!

    • Jessica says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! That was one of my main hopes for this feature, that people would have similar reactions as we discussed tv shows, both past and present. And yes she is GORGEOUS haha!!! It’s probably good that you weren’t really aware at that age 😉
      Jessica recently posted…Book Review: AngelfallMy Profile

    • Jessica says:

      haha thanks so much! Sometimes I write those play by play types of reviews and think “this sounds so stupid” lol so I’m glad you were entertained 🙂 I was pleased to see themes in the pilot even that I can be sure made an impact on lots of viewers!
      Jessica recently posted…Book Review: AngelfallMy Profile

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