You Should Be Watching: When Calls the Heart

No one is honestly more surprised than me to say that I am wholeheartedly recommending this Hallmark TV show. I usually stay FAR AWAY from Hallmark because the acting is usually not great and the writing is incredibly cheesy.

But I fell in love with When Calls the Heart in the first episode.

It probably helps that I’ve read the book series by Janette Oke (though it was many years ago) and I remember absolutely devouring them. But it also helps that the cast is led by an enchanting actress, Erin Krakow, who is absolutely adorable in the role of Elizabeth Thatcher, a young woman from a wealthy family who moves to a poor coal mining town to be a teacher. Many family friendly conflicts ensue, making this a show I feel comfortable recommending to anyone. Elizabeth is able to touch and affect many lives for the better, opening up new worlds for the children of the town through education.

The main romantic interest is Mountie Jack Thornton, played (decently) by Daniel Lissing. Lissing is not by any means an exceptional actor, but he does a fine job. His and Elizabeth’s romance is adorable, though many irritating obstacles keep them apart for a long time.

Season One has a far more authentic feel to it, especially with costumes and hair; season two feels a bit like they just decided to stop doing research and let everyone do their own hair, which was honestly rather disappointing. I hope they return to the more authentic look for season 3. Nevertheless, the show remains sweet and entertaining, and very much good vs. evil, with good usually triumphing in the end. It’s fluffy, light, and romantic. There are lots of themes of family, faith, and friendship, and very uplifting story lines, highlighting the importance of these themes and others such as the importance of art and hard work and being kind to everyone you meet. It’s a sweet, feel good, love your neighbor kind of show.

Content: A kiss here and there. No language. A teensy bit of violence when the mounties are an important part of the story. Otherwise, this show is squeaky clean. Many of the conflicts are about adults, but they are not “adult” content. Recommended for 12+ simply based on interest level.

3.5 out of 5 Stars

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