2020 Reading Challenges

Happy New Year everyone! It’s that time, when we all optimistically and idealistically begin our new Reading Challenges, in the hopes that we’ll be able to write an “I finished my challenges!” post next December.

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We can do it, friends.

I’m going fairly conservative on my challenges this year, since I had a few years where I didn’t read hardly anything at all. So here we go.

Good Reads Challenge – 25 Books

I think I read about 27 books in 2019, so this is totally doable. This is like, two books a month. I used to read over 100 books in a year. Honestly, not sure how I ever did that, but hey, it was a different time.

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For my second challenge, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone a bit. I rarely read outside of the YA/Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy genres, so the fact that there are a few categories on this next Challenge that aren’t from those shelves should prove interesting.

Book Bingo 2020, Hosted by Unruly Reader

The Categories

Icy – A book that takes place in snowy winter, a story featuring a cold-hearted character, or a chilling tale

Landscape – A book whose setting is vital to the story

Novella – Shorter than a novel, but longer than a short story

Harlem Renaissance – A book written by a Harlem Renaissance author

Longing – A story filled with yearning, desire, or wistfulness

Lies & Deception – A book with lies, so many lies. Or a book that deceived you.

Expectations – A story of fulfilled or thwarted expectations, or a book that failed to meet your expectations

Underdog – A book about a character who defies the odds

Personal Growth – Self-improvement: pragmatically or spiritually

Long Haired Author – A book by an author who has (or had) long hair

A Friend’s Suggestion – Ask a friend what you should read next

Podcast – Listen to a serial podcast or read a book written by a podcaster

Carnegie Medal Nominee – A book nominated for the Carnegie Medal

Modern Classic – A contemporary book that will stand the test of time

Road Trip – Wanderlust, restlessness, desperation, quest? A book with a road trip in it

Olympic Sport – A book with a character who participates (at any level) in a sport featured in the Olympics

Checklist – A book you’re checking off your list, or a book containing a checklist for a better life

South America – A book written by a South American author or a book that takes place in South America

Back to School – A story with a school setting

Love – A book that illustrates love

Native American – A character or an author who is Native American

Horror – A story that inspires a feeling of dread

Political – Election year! Read something political

Memoir – A nonfiction personal account based on the author’s experience

Indulge – The hot fudge of reading: all pleasure, no virtue

I already have a bunch of books chosen for the categories, so this should be interesting! Of course, I’m not excluding 2020 releases, so it’s super possible this list will change.

What Reading Challenges are you participating in for 2020? If you have a similar post, link it in the comments so I can check your list out!

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