Book Review: The Siren

Book Review: The SirenThe Siren by Meg Xuemei X
Series: Laments of Angels and Dark Chemistry #1
on August 10, 2014
Genres: Mystery & Detective, Romance, Science Fiction
Pages: 278
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Two boys tied to her irrevocably. One offers life disguised as death; the other leads to death with unfathomable love. Her choice decides whether the world turns or ends.

Lucienne Lam, born to rule as the last of the Sirens, is running out of time. If she fails to find the TimeDust, an ancient power, her enemies will have their wish—her head on a spike. And she’ll never know the love promised by Vladimir, a fierce warrior of the Czech royal bloodline.

Except Ashburn, a genius ‘farm boy,’ has found the TimeDust first, and its power binds Lucienne to him. She must convince him to sever this forced bond so she can return to her first love. But breaking the link seems insurmountable when the TimeDust launches its own ominous agenda and the two boys prepare to duel to the death over her.

The Siren is filling the category “Author Outside Your Own Country” in my Full House Reading Challenge. (Technically I think she lives in America now but she grew up in China).

The Siren is an extremely unique book. I wasn’t sure what to expect going in, but I got something quite unlike any YA book I’ve read recently. It’s a fascinating combination of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, Action…and somehow, it all works together beautifully.

If you’re looking for a kickass heroine, look no farther than Lucienne Lam. As the first and only female Siren, she rules over a very wealthy organization that’s looking for an ancient power known as the Time Dust, which will ensure that she can remain the Siren. Because she’s a girl, there are plenty who want her dead, as there has never before been a female siren. But those closest to her do not hesitate to sacrifice for her safety.

For the first bit of this book, we are solidly in the normal, what appeared present day. And then things get really weird, when Lucienne’s scientist spot an anomaly up in the Aleutian Islands, and when they arrive, they find a city that appears to be in a different time. A quick-tempered King rules a rural people, and no one there even knows what America is. They have no technology (at least nothing they don’t attribute to the work of the gods), no knowledge of the outside world. But Lucienne knows that it is where she will find the Eye of Time.

It’s also where she finds Ashburn Fury, a young man who somehow has a genius’ understanding of quantum physics, the ability to create advanced technology, and has memories that he can’t possibly have. Not to mention there’s a strange connection between him and Lucienne that feels almost like a magical spell.

There’s a sweet romance between Lucienne and her friend Vladimir, a Czech Prince who has sworn to stay with her and protect her. I enjoyed watching their relationship grow and develop. There’s also quite a bit of tension when Lucienne and Ashburn’s connection is noticed.

The Siren is fast-paced, action packed, and a fascinating maze of mysteries. Highly recommended for fans of sci-fi.

4 Stars

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