Book Tour Bloggers Needed!

Kayla over at Ramblings of a Book Junkie is looking for Book Tour Stops for her Mortal Instruments Book/Movie Hybrid Tour. The tour leads up to the opening of the movie!! Here’s her original post:

 Attention! I am hosting a TMI book/movie blog tour (if you can call it that.) August 1st-21st I will be having various bloggers share their ideas on TMI. To join all you need is a copy of the book (paperback,ebook, etc.) and a blog! Email me here with your name and what day you would like!
These are the stops:

August 1st- Chapter 1 recap + meet Clary (Taken)
August 2nd- Chapter 2 recap + meet Jace (Taken)
August 3rd- Chapter 3 recap + meet Simon (Taken)
August 4th- Chapter 4 recap + meet Isabelle
August 5th- Chapter 5 recap + meet Alec
August 6th- Chapter 6 recap + meet Magnus
August 7th- Chapter 7 recap + all about shadowhunters (Taken)
August 8th- Chapter 8 recap + international covers (Taken)
August 9th- Chapter 9 recap + cast interviews
August 10th- Chapter 10 recap + “my reaction when I found out TMI was becoming a movie”
August 11th- Chapter 11 recap + my favorite Clary quotes
August 12th- Chapter 12 recap + my favorite Jace quotes (Taken)
August 13th- Chapter 13 recap + take a look at the set
August 14th- Chapter 14 recap + “if the movie didn’t have…”
August 15th- Chapter 15 recap + “I hope in the movie they…”
August 16th- Chapter 16 recap + “the first time I read this book…”
August 17th- Chapter 17 recap + An Extra
August 18th- Chapter 18 recap + Playlist
August 19th- Chapter 19 recap + Trailer
Chapter 20 recap + Trailer 2
August 20th- Chapter 20 + 21 recap + Shadowhunter Runes
Chapter 22 recap + Shadowhunter Runes
August 21st- Chapter 23 + Epilogue + Merchandise (Taken)

*I will be providing everyone with their extra post. For instance, if it says + all about Clary, I will give you the information you need. Unless it says “my” then that would mean it’s your opinion.*

You can visit Kayla’s blog here. Show some blogger love and sign up!!

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