Cover Crazy *3*

The purpose of Cover Crazy is to feature a cover each week for us to admire its beauty. Covers are really what draw me in to pick up a book in the first place, so I thought this was the perfect feature for me! Cover Crazy is a feature that was started by The Book Worms.
Entwined by Heather Dixon
I’m not gonna lie, I pretty much picked Entwined up solely because of it’s cover. The blurb was really neither here nor there for me, but I was like, surely this book is good! The cover is so pretty! I love how delicate the whole thing feels, with the fancy script and the silver flowers and the big poofy dress.
P.S. The book is really good too. Not just the cover.

What about you? Does Entwineds cover make you want to read it as well?

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