Cover Love: Vengeance Road

Welcome to Cover Love, where I share a book cover that I’m totally in love with this week!

Vengeance Road

How rockin’ is the cover for Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman?? I love everything about it; the unusual color scheme (how often do you see so much orange and grey and white together on a book cover?), the really spectacular font choice, the crossed pistols, the eerie skulls at the bottom, juxtaposed to the quite lovely flowers…it’s all just so interesting to look at. Plus, what a great title! I mean, it’s obvious and descriptive, and once you read the blurb, you have a really clear picture of how this book is going to be. It’s exactly what I want in a cover. I’m only two chapters in and I’m really loving it; here’s hoping the rest of the book is just as good!

Would you buy Vengeance Road based on it’s cover?


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