Disney Rambles: Starbucks!

Disney Rambles

So this week on Disney Rambles, I’m talking about something that made many Disney fans mad, but absolutely delighted my family and I.


If you didn’t already know, there is now a Starbucks in each of the four Disney Theme Parks: Magic Kingdom (Main Street Bakery), Hollywood Studios (Trolley Car Cafe), Epcot (Fountain View), and Animal Kingdom (Creature Comforts). There are two Starbucks in Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney). And it makes me INCREDIBLY HAPPY to know that every morning I can get up early and head to the parks knowing that I can get a Starbucks right away, no matter which park I’m going to that morning.

I think Disney did an exceptional job fitting each Starbucks into it’s location. Yes, there’s a Starbucks sign that you recognize, but it’s pretty unobtrusive. Here’s a look at the outside of the Magic Kingdom Starbucks:

You would hardly know it’s a Starbucks if you weren’t looking for it. Inside, the multitude of workers are dressed to fit Main Street USA (the most pleasant and efficient Starbucks employees you’ll find anywhere on the planet. Oh, that’s because they’re actually Disney cast members, not Starbucks employees, my bad). Oh, and does your neighborhood Starbucks ever run out of your favorite pastry? That’ll never happen here (maybe during peak season, but when I’ve been there, they’ve never been out of anything, even at midnight).

Let’s check out the other locations:

Epcot Starbucks, located in Future World, just before you get to the bridge leading to the World Showcase:

Hollywood Studios (you wouldn’t even know it’s a Starbucks until you get inside):

And the newest Starbucks, at Animal Kingdom:

As you can see, Disney did not just plop a Starbucks in the middle of each park. They worked hard to make sure the Starbucks fit into the theme and feel of each location, and the inside of each store is themed just like the rest of the park.

Oh, and did I mention Disney even has it’s own special Starbucks cups?

How do you feel about Starbucks being in Disney World?


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