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Synopsis: What can an event that happened decades ago have to do with three people who seemingly have nothing in common? Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) is a popular broadcast reporter for a major news organization. Chae Young Shin (Park Min Young) is a reporter for a second-rate tabloid news website. Seo Jung Hoo (Ji Chang Wook) is a mysterious errand boy known by the codename “Healer.” When these three people are brought together, they go on an unusual journey to discover what happened years ago when a group of friends operated an illegal broadcasting station, and they try to help the people affected by the event. Can their quest to learn the truth about the past somehow help them to discover their future fates?

5 Stars


5 Reasons to watch Healer RIGHT NOW

  1. Ji Chang Wook as Healer/Jeong Hoo/Bong Soo. He’s beautiful. He’s talented. He’s mischievous. He runs around on roofs and beats up bad guys. He somehow awkwardly charms the equally adorable/talented/hilarious Chae Young Shin (played by Park Min Young), who is possibly even more likable than he is. Both are fully developed and incredibly acted, showcasing a vast range of emotions while remaining extremely likable characters.
  2. The Plot. Healer is complex. You will probably be confused about certain things for the first six episodes or so. Everything is connected. Everything is revealed in time. In beautiful ways. I love the script of this show. I just think it’s very clever and well planned and well executed.
  3. The Romance. Healer and Young Shin are adorable. They’re both sort of awkward (while also being beautiful and not awkward somehow) so their romance is very cute. Because Healer masquerades as different people. there’s some funny mistaken identity moments. But their relationship is marvelous. Also, it’s not overpowering; the main plot stays pretty much in focus (except for maybe a few eps in the middle where their relationship really takes off).
  4. Action Drama! If you are looking for a fast paced action drama, look no further! Healer not only has a lot of interesting politics going on (especially dealing with how reporters/the media are used in politics), but there’s plenty of scenes where Healer beats up the bad guys and still makes it home in time for dinner.
  5. Awesome secondary characters! Who doesn’t love Min Ja, the quirky, sushi eating hacker who keeps an eye on Healer? She is hilarious and adds some good comedic relief, as well as being an interesting mentor for Healer. On the other hand, you’ve got Kim Moon Ho, a famous reporter who is trying to navigate the rough waters of news reporting with a clean conscience, while trying to figure out how Healer is connected to an old case.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about Healer. The plot is clever, the action is intense and thrilling, the romance is adorable, the script is quirky and interesting, and the characters are endlessly likable. If you’re looking to get into Kdrama, I recommend starting with Healer. It’s a good, pretty accessible show to begin with that probably won’t feel super foreign.

You’ll be happy you watched it. Happier than when Chae Young Shin THOUGHT she was saving Healer, and he let her think she was.

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