Drama Review: Oh My Ghostess

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Title: Oh My Ghostess

Korean Romantic Comedy/Supernatural/Mystery

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Synopsis: Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) may be a skilled chef, but she lacks the self-esteem to shine professionally and socially. Beyond her cooking talents, however, is an uncanny ability to communicate with ghosts. One day, her mystic senses go out of control when the seductive ghost of Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi) possesses her. Imbued with a fiery new “personality,” Bong Sun starts turning heads, including that of Kang Sun Woo (Jo Jung Suk), the hottest chef in town and Bong Sun’s secret crush!

4 Stars

Love cooking shows? Romantic Comedies? Funny ghosts? Oh My Ghostess is charming and delightful, with a surprisingly compelling mystery thrown in.

Na Bong Sun can see ghosts. She’s pretty timid, and working in a stressful kitchen isn’t getting her very far. But when the ghost Shin Soon Ae possesses her (a ghost with a goal in mind – she died a virgin and she wants to have sex before she crosses over – the only problem is, she has to find a man of vitality to have sex with (it was unclear what exactly that meant lol), or she’ll accidentally kill him) things start changing for Bong Sun. When Soon Ae discovers that Kang Sun Woo (Bong Sun’s chef boss) is in fact, the man of vitality she’s been searching for, she tries to seduce him in a hilarious string of failed attempts. Chef Kang turns out to be much more modest than Soon Ae expected. But when new evidence comes to light about Soon Ae’s death, she discovers that maybe the reason she hasn’t crossed over yet is much more serious than just a virgin grudge.

Ok, so on paper, this sounds trashy and ridiculous, when in reality it’s adorable, entertaining, hilarious, and has some good twists. I adored all sixteen episodes. Park Bo Young is quite remarkable as Na Bong Sun, as she has to switch back and forth between Bong Sun’s personality and Soon Ae as she is possessed by the much more outspoken and active ghost. Her acting was delightful to watch, and it was cute to see Bong Sun’s character grow and develop as she got to know both Chef Kang and the ghost Shin Soon Ae.

Much of this show takes place at the restaurant Chef Kang owns, so there’s plenty of cooking going on, which is always fun to watch. The other chefs are charming and weird and cutely protective of Bong Sun, as she is a tiny girl and they sort of see her as a little sister. By the end, their interactions are very sweet.

The romance between Kang Sun Woo and Na Bong Sun starts out very weird, I won’t lie, but I loved them by the end. In the beginning, Chef Kang definitely falls in love with Shin Soon Ae (who is possessing Bong Sun), even though he thinks he’s in love with Bong Sun (who has loved him for forever), but it was sweet to see them working all of that out once the truth comes out. He tries to be understanding and supportive even though he can’t see ghosts like Bong Sun can. And Shin Soon Ae trying to seduce him is hysterical (although I would say it gets a little tiring after a while. One of my few criticisms of the show).

With a lovely ending for all involved (if a little bittersweet for some), I highly recommend Oh My Ghostess. It’s funny, adorable, charming, and has some surprising and intense twists later on. Definitely a fun romantic comedy (with a little supernatural action thrown in).

Content: 16+ There’s some kissing. There’s some peril/kidnapping/violence. Nothing too serious. Shin Soon Ae talks about sex a lot but not in graphic terms.

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