Happy Birthday, Harry Potter

So…it’s Harry’s Birthday


I know, I know, for some of you, this day doesn’t mean anything.

But for those of us who mourned the end of our childhood with the final movie, it’s kind of an important day.

We pretend like it’s not really over, because it’s just too painful to think about.

But we move forward, re-reading our favorite of the series. Watching the movies in never-ending marathons. Clearing our schedule when ABC Family shows Harry Potter all weekend. Pretending like Pottermore is an acceptable substitute to a series about the Marauders.

But really, all we want to see is this:

Harry Potter was one of the major contributors to so many of our loves of Fantasy.

And we’ve all written a Harry Potter fanfiction that we would NEVER share with anyone who actually knows us in real life.

And then you have the friends that just don’t get it. They’ve never seen or read Harry Potter, and every time you talk about it, this is them:

It’s quite simple really.

Harry Potter taught us about friendship:

How to laugh when times are tough:

The importance of listening to your teachers:

Standing up for yourself:

The complex nature of love

And loss.

And the importance of Community:

So Happy Birthday Harry!

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