June in Review

You guys, I have been in the weirdest slump for the past two months. I have had very little interest in reading or blogging. At all. I think I’ve read MAYBE two books since April? How weird, right? I’m hoping it’s just some phase I’m going through that will be over soon. Who knows. Anyway, here are the few things that happened this month here on Ramblings on Readings!

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Book Reviews:

An Ember in the Ashes Cover  Let the Sky Fall   Bitterblue  Flukes  Sinner  The Darkest Part of the Forest  

Movie Reviews:

This month I started my summer feature, Film Friday Flashback, where I watched old movies from my childhood (recommended by my awesome readers) and discussed what I remember, what I forgot, what I loved, and what wasn’t as exciting now as it was when I was five.

Back to the Future  Hook The Goonies  The Never Ending Story


Book of the Month:

The Forgotten Mountain (The Collectors’ Society #3) by Heather Lyons

5 Stars

This was really the only book I read this month, but even if it hadn’t been, it probably would have been my book of the month. I adore this series, and this third installment was more intense, more romantic, more mind bending than the previous two! Plus, the ending had me 100% dying to get the next one, which is a magnificent sign of it’s awesomeness.

Check out my 5 star review of The Forgotten Mountain HERE.


What was your book of the month for June?



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