Kpop Corner: Best Songs of 2019…part 2

We’re back for part 2 of my personal favorite list of kpop songs released this year. If you missed part 1, you can check it out here!

Already this list has been re-arranged since I first made it a few weeks ago. Some songs have been added, some moved around, some traded for other songs by the same artist. That just tells you how many great songs the Kpop industry is releasing every year. It really is so difficult to choose my faves. I should also say that I’m limiting it to two songs per group. That way I can spread the love out a bit, and I’m not just sharing all of Astro’s album “All Light” because that was a masterpiece you guys.

Anyway, check out my next five favorites below, and let me know what songs you’ve loved from 2019!

#15 : Kick-Ass by N. Flying

Excuse the language, but this song is really kickass. No really. N. Flying delivered the boppiest bops to ever bop this year (check out “Leave It” too, that almost made it to this list as well). I love the J-pop influence in this song (it was N. Flying Japanese debut) and I am currently obsessed with the chorus. The melody is gorgeous. N. Flying was a new-to-me band this year, and I can’t wait to keep hearing more of their music in the future!

#14: Crown by TXT (Tomorrow X Together)

It’s baby BTS y’all! Bighit Entertainment’s newest boy group really hit it out of the park with this super high quality debut earlier this year. The song itself is catchy and memorable, and these babies are performing at a very high level for being the newest rookies on the block. Of course, after BTS’ recent international success, I’m guessing Bighit had their pick of the cream of the crop when it came to trainees, which is evident in these boys’ performance.

#13: Sweet Chaos by DAY6

Day6 is incapable of releasing a bad song. They are one of my few “auto buy” groups. I was lucky enough to see them in concert this past fall, and it was a blast. They are extremely talented musicians, and I was so excited for them to win their first music show earlier this year. It’s more difficult for bands (groups that play instruments rather than dance) to win these shows, so the fact that Day6 is getting more recognition for their talent is awesome.

#12: Jopping by SuperM

SuperM is an interesting project group that “debuted” this year in LA. It’s essentially the dream team from SM entertainment, taking members from the wildly successful groups Shinee, Exo, and NCT, the first two of which are in my top five favorite groups ever (and I have a new appreciation for NCT). I think everyone was skeptical of the project at first because it felt like a sort of desperate move to compete with BTS, but SuperM has been sitting on the Billboard 200 for I think 8 weeks now? And they debuted at No. 1, so I would say that’s pretty successful 🙂 I got to see them in concert as well last month and this song specifically was epic. There was an energy in the room when “Jopping” started that was intensely palpable. Lighting struck. Figuratively, of course.

#11: Humph! by Pentagon

Pentagon had one of my favorite songs last year (Shine is such a bop. Still a fave), but I didn’t know who any of the members were, and Shine was essentially the only song of theirs I’d heard. After getting to see them in concert this fall, all of that has changed. Not only did I discover my kpop bias (favorite kpop idol) Jo Jinho, I also realized Pentagon is one of my favorite groups. They have such fun music, and clean, clever dances. Not to mention I love it when groups are self-producing, and Hui is a music making machine. Humph! is a hilarious and adorable summer bop, and it’ll get stuck in your head. Forever. You’re welcome.

So that wraps it up for part 2! Were any of these songs on your favorites list? Who is your kpop bias? Leave me a comment below!

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