Kpop Corner: Best Songs of 2019…part 3

And we’re back with my favorite Kpop songs of 2019! I hope everyone is having a lovely December, and that you are feeling the joy of the holiday season!

Ok, so now we’re into the top ten, and to be honest, most of the songs this week and next week could be anywhere in this top ten. They’re just all that good. Anway, with that being said, let’s get started!

#10 : Time of Our Life by Day6

This is one of my favorite Day6 songs ever, which is saying a lot because they have TONS of great songs. This song is special though because it got them their first ever music program win! I love these goobers and they make such great music. I may have cried a little when they sang this at the concert….just a little.

#9 : You Calling My Name by Got7

Ok, I’ll admit, this wasn’t originally on my list, mostly because it just came out and I hadn’t had time to really listen to it, which was definitely a mistake. A friend of mine helped me see the error of my ways, which is why it now is on this list. I would agree that this is Got7 at their best, and I’m excited to see more in this vein from them. I will say I liked “Eclipse” better in general – you’ll see that one next week – but this song is excellent.

#8 : Sha La La by Pentagon

People are calling this Pentagon’s “Energetic” since Hui sold the actual “Energetic” to Wanna One a few years ago, and I agree with them. This song is awesome and, as always, is a great vehicle vocally for Hui and Jinho to show off their singing. Plus, Jinho in that plaid beret is so adorable it should be illegal.

#7 : That’s Ok by D.O.

Exo’s D.O. has one of the smoothest, richest voices in all of Kpop. This ballad was a gift to his fans before he enlisted for his military service, and it’s one of my favorite ballads ever. It’s truly gorgeous, and the words are very meaningful as well. Plus, the animation for the music video is sweet and adorable. Stay healthy D.O.! We can’t wait for you to come back and bless us with more beautiful music.

#6 : Home by Seventeen

I love the cycle of types of songs Seventeen has been delivering for the past few years. They always give us something more refined and mature (like Home), then something boyish and upbeat (like Oh My! and Snap Shoot) and then something darker and more mature/sexy (like Fear). As I always say about Seventeen, no one dances quite they like do. They have a level of synchronization that few other groups can claim. Those barrel leaps kill me every time. See you in January for your US tour, Seventeen!!

That’s all for part 3! Which song did you like the best today?

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