Literal Book Covers #9: The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff


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This week’s cover victim: The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff


I have always been intrigued by this cover; it’s one of those that is really creepy, but you can’t look away.

What I think this book is about: It’s gotta be a fae changeling.

What this book is really about: 

Mackie Doyle is not one of us. Though he lives in the small town of Gentry, he comes from a world of tunnels and black murky water, a world of living dead girls ruled by a little tattooed princess. He is a Replacement, left in the crib of a human baby sixteen years ago. Now, because of fatal allergies to iron, blood, and consecrated ground, Mackie is fighting to survive in the human world.

Mackie would give anything to live among us, to practice on his bass or spend time with his crush, Tate. But when Tate’s baby sister goes missing, Mackie is drawn irrevocably into the underworld of Gentry, known as Mayhem. He must face the dark creatures of the Slag Heaps and find his rightful place, in our world, or theirs.

Hey! I was more or less right. I mean, they used the word Replacement rather than Changeling, but it sounds like the same thing. Sadly, many of the reviews say the cover is better than the book. I’ll probably get it from the library at some point, because I’ve been intrigued by it for years.

Does the cover make you want to read The Replacement, or does it just creep you out?


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