Hey guys! So I’ve decided to move to WordPress. Not that I don’t love Blogger; I just really like the way WordPress looks! Hopefully I’ll figure out how to successfully redirect anyone who ends up on this page to my new site when the move happens, so nobody is confused.

I have NOT moved yet. Keep coming to this page until I have confirmed I have moved! This is just a heads up that a move is coming in the near future.

As always, you guys are awesome! Nothing is really changing except the look/design of my blog (I have a designer working with me to make my page look AWESOME). I’m so excited to be making the move over to WP, and I hope you guys are too! If I’m a little MIA, it just means that WP is a bit more difficult to use than Blogger so I’m diligently figuring out how to make the best site for you guys! Thank you for all your support; it means the world to me!

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