Novella Review: Virtual Arcana: The High Priestess

Novella Review: Virtual Arcana: The High PriestessThe High Priestess by Karen Amanda Hooper
Series: Virtual Arcana #2
Published by Starry Sky Publishing on December 15, 2014
Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Social Issues, Young Adult
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As Kelsey delves deeper into the illegal world of virtual reality, her understanding of the Arcana expands and her feelings for Xander evolve.

When Xander’s tarot cards fail to give her clarity, Kelsey’s training commences. But mystical meetings and storybook scenarios provide her with answers that only trigger more questions.

Karen Amanda Hooper brings us another step into the world of the Virtual Arcana with her newest installment THE HIGH PRIESTESS.  I am so in love with this book, and I can’t wait to read the next one!

THE HIGH PRIESTESS focuses a lot more on describing the virtual reality world and what the rules are etc., though I still feel very much in the dark about what’s going on. I’m sure Kelsey feels very much the same way, but she is admirably attempting to go along with things, though no one is very willing to point her in any specific direction of what to do. Everyone tells her to trust her instincts. And she’s just like:

Hey, I would be too if I was in her situation.

The tension between Xander and Kelsey is ramping up here, and soon, somebody’s going to have to make a move. I’m really enjoying the fact that Hooper isn’t hitting us over the head with their relationship. Sure, it was a tad insta-love in the beginning, but now they’re just circling each other as the plot moves along. It adds a nice layer of pleasant tension (compared to the oppressive tension created by the conflict with the government).

We met some new characters in THE HIGH PRIESTESS; nobody really stood out to me, but we didn’t get to know them for very long, so I’m thinking that will change as the story continues.

If you like clever sci-fi, futuristic settings, and YA romance, why aren’t you reading this series?

4 Stars

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