Reader Recommends #13: Baggage

So I 100% dropped the ball last week and didn’t even post at all for “Inspire by Mythology”. Christina over at Once Untold did a lovely post, so go check her recommendations out!

Reader Recommends

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This week’s topic: Main Characters with Baggage

Not the kind you take on an airplane. This is usually Contemporary for me, but you’ll see from my list that some fantasy heroines snuck in here as well. Baggage of the emotional variety is our driving force today; the main character has some terrible event in their past that affects their present life and relationships.


Ten Tiny Breaths

Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker

This was the first New Adult book I read. It was also the first book I read from NetGalley. It deals with a girl running from her past and trying to create a different future for herself and her younger sister. There’s a delicious twist near the end that absolutely shocked me. I highly recommend it for fans of New Adult.

Poison Study

Poison Study (Study #1) by Maria V. Snyder

While this is technically considered by many to be young adult, I would caution you that it’s VERY dark. Yelena, the main character, has been through some horrors and you get to see them as she recounts them. A really brilliant and thrilling read though. Really great for fans of fantasy.

Wait For You

Wait for You by J. Lynn

This is my favorite New Adult series. It definitely fills the “main character with baggage” category. Each book deals with a different couple (they are all at some point connected, it’s not just random people) and each is sweet, romantic, and has more plot than just the romance. Lots of fun, interesting characters, and it’s JLA, so what’s not to love?

The Naturals

The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I absolutely love this series so far. It has to do with very talented kids working to solve crimes; the main character is a profiler and she and one of the boys (also a profiler) have some tough stuff in their pasts. It’s really interesting to see how they deal with it and how it helps them in solving the crimes.

Books on my to-read list:

Before I Fall

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

I actually started this a few years ago but never finished it. I didn’t reach much contemporary back then, and I’d really only gotten it because I had just read Delirium and absolutely loved it. I need to go back and give this one a second try.


Easy by Tammara Webber

This one has been on my to-read list since it came out. I should really pick it up sometime.

What are you picks for Characters with Baggage?

Next Week’s Topic: Best Girl in a Prom Dress Books

-You see the covers everywhere: it’s a current trend for YA books to feature a gorgeous girl in an equally gorgeous prom dress on the cover. But which books are actually worth picking up? Find out next week!


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