Saturday Spotlight: Carrigan Richards

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Title: Under a Blood Moon

Author: Carrigan Richards

Series: Elemental Enchanters #1

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Published: January 28, 2014


Falling in love isn’t the only problem for Ava Hannigan.
When seventeen-year-old Ava discovers that she can breathe underwater, she’s disappointed. She wanted to be normal and dreads the day of her initiation into one of the most powerful covens of Elemental Enchanters. She has fallen in love with a human, which is forbidden, but she has such a strong connection with Peter, the only other person who knows what it’s like to grow up motherless.

Ava and her friends never expected to be caught up in the middle of a three-hundred-year-old war. Devon wants revenge against the humans for killing his master. Xavier, a ruthless witch, is building an army for Devon by spellbinding several students into becoming dark Enchanters. After Xavier realizes Ava and her friends are Elementals, Devon will stop at nothing to have their power. Xavier threatens Ava, attempting to coerce her to join them, but when she refuses, he kidnaps Peter.

Ava must seek help from her coven to defeat Devon and accept her life as a witch in order to save Peter and protect the humans.

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The woman proudly smiled at the six frightened children assembled before her. They were so innocent now and unaware of just how powerful they would soon become. 

“Can you believe they are already seven years old?” the woman asked her brother. 

“No. They are lucky to be in such a peaceful time.” He smiled. “Shall we get started?”


They had led the three boys and three girls into the conservatory, a large room with a globed glass ceiling. A purple velvet rug with a black pentacle design lay over the hardwood floor. Thousands of candles illuminated the room and the beautiful faces of the children. The woman gestured for each of them to stand on the black circle around the pentagram. As soon as all six of the children stepped onto the circle, it glowed. 

“You are all special,” her brother said. “We have brought you here to bind you together as a group. In ten years, you will come back to us, and you will accept your powers.” 

Savina made sure she spoke clearly. “To become part of this Circle, you must agree to this. You must invoke your powers.” She glanced at Colden. “Now, before we begin, we need to gather blood from you all.” She reached inside her robe and pulled out a small knife. A few of the children gasped, and Savina frowned. She instructed the frightened children to lift their arms. She dragged the blade across their skin and let the blood drip into a glass goblet that Colden held. 

Then, her fingers lightly smoothed over the cut on their arms until the wounds vanished.
Savina pricked Colden’s finger with the knife, let a few drops of blood into the goblet, and then healed it. She did the same with her finger. Savina took a sip of the warm blood and the metallic taste burst inside her mouth. The warmth of it filled her body and she felt connected to each of the children. Then, she passed the goblet to Colden. 

“We belong together in this Circle. Just remember, you are sisters.” She looked at the girls. “And you are brothers.” She turned to the boys. “As you take a sip of the blood, let it fill you with warmth and comfort. This blood binds us together.” 

“Each of you is strong.” Colden told them. “But your powers will not manifest until you are sixteen or seventeen. And in ten years, you will all meet here. May the Circle be open and remain unbroken. Do not speak a word to anyone about this. You must not break your promise.” 

After everyone drank from the goblet, Savina instructed them to hold hands. Then, she tilted her head and concentrated on the glass ceiling. She felt the power from each of the children emanating around the circle. Savina focused the powers of the children, and exhibited each one of their unique ability above in the glass ceiling. She watched as it slowly displayed a beautiful starry night with a full moon. Then, the bright reddish-orange hue of the sun shone through, dissolving the image of the moon. Its corona flickered on the sides. The sun faded as water splashed across the ceiling, like the ocean crashing onto the shore. A fierce hurricane wind took over and then the hypnotic flames of fire burst to life. Finally, an image of the Earth rotated in the glass until it vanished, and the empty night sky encompassed the ceiling.

Savina gasped. 

Colden turned to her with a wary look. 

She knew they were powerful but had had no inkling that they were the Elemental ones.There is no reason to worry. She mind-spoke to Colden. Corbin is dead and no one will be looking for them.

That we know. We must watch and protect them until they return here.

Savina nodded. It was dangerous living among the mortals, but she knew what would happen if the Elementals fell into the wrong hands.


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Author Bio:

Carrigan Richards graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in English. The year before she began KSU, she started writing what would become Under a Blood Moon, and eleven years later, published it. She lives near Atlanta with her fiancée and their two dogs.


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