Sunday Post *2*

Wow, I have hardly read anything at all in the past week! I have got to get back to reading; I’ve been very busy with the show I’m in right now (which is fantastic and I’m having such an amazing time) but that means I’ve been getting behind in reading, alas. So this week’s Sunday Post looks suspiciously like last week’s.

In non-blog related news, you all know how much I adore Disney World and everything Disney; my awesome parents got me an annual pass to Disney World for Christmas!! I’ll be visiting the happiest place on earth even more this year, and I couldn’t be more excited. I have an audition there a week from Monday, so send good vibes and prayers my way!

Tell me in the comments what you’re reading this week!

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Passenger The Immortal Heights


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These Vicious Masks


Last Week's Reviews

A Rogue By Any Other Name  Uglies

Star Wars The Force Awakens


What’s going on in your book life?

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