Sunday Spotlight, Children’s Edition: J.D. Jackson

Hello all! It’s starting to get cold here (finally! and of course, by cold I mean below 60). It’s about time. Although this is kind of how it starts to feel:

ANYWAY. I started a giveaway a few days ago that you should definitely go enter, because the book is ADORABLE. You can do that HERE.

And without further ado, my Sunday Spotlight for the week: I am featuring Children’s Author J.D. Jackson, author of Jack and Dobbin: Dragons & Giants Beware!

Book Synopsis:  A children’s picture book about a boy named Jack who left home to battle giants who are roaming the countryside.  He is also enlisted by the king to rescue his daughter after she is captured by a two-headed giant.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ALWAYS in the mood for a little damsel in distress/giant/magic action. That’s always a good time!

And here’s an excerpt!

     Jack rode all day looking for the giant’s castle. He traveled through grassy plains, rugged hills, and strange forests.

     Finally, Jack saw a huge castle sitting on a hilltop off in the distance. He said to his horse, “Look, Dobbin, there’s the giant’s castle!”
     Unfortunately, it was still daylight.  If they went to the castle now, the giant would clearly be able to see his unwelcome guests. Instead, they waited patiently for the sun to go down before they went any closer.

Sounds like Jack knows his giants.

Interested to see what happens next?
Check it out: Amazon

Jack and Dobbin: Dragons & Giants Beware” is my first children’s book. I am a retired high school English teacher.  Since I retired, I have tutored English online via Skype to hundreds of adult students and children in China, as well as Spain, Brazil, Saudi Arabia. and Germany. I am no longer tutoring online, except for two young brothers in South Korea. Instead, I now spend my time writing children’s books and Photoshop imaging.

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