Theater Thursdays: Sutton Foster Roles I Wish I Had Seen

So if you saw my Violet review a few weeks ago (which you can check out HERE), you know already how much I adore the magnificence that is Sutton Foster. It was such a dream come true to see her perform live, and I was not disappointed at all by her performance. She is truly incredibly talented, and I hope I am able to see her again in the future.

HOWEVER. Violet is definitely not the show I would have chosen to see her in.  I have compiled a list of shows I would have paid a lot of money to see Sutton Foster at the helm of. If I had control of the TARDIS, here are the shows I would go back in time to see:

5. The Drowsy Chaperone

I actually don’t know much about this show at all; in fact, this video is pretty much the extent of my knowledge. But once you watch it, you’ll understand why this show is on this list. Here’s Sutton Foster performing “Show Off”: (Sutton appears around 1:12)

4. Shrek the Musical

This musical was actually filmed professionally (the original broadway cast!) and you can currently watch it on Netflix! I really don’t like the Shrek movies, but the musical has some great music, dance numbers, and it’s far more clever and less crass than the movies. Sutton Foster plays Princess Fiona, singing and dancing her way into Shrek’s heart. Check out this hilarious character piece (with tap dancing rats!), “Morning Person”:

3. Little Women the Musical

I love everything about this musical. I was fortunate enough to play Jo March in this show my senior year of high school, and I watched every video of Sutton I could find. The score is breathtaking, and Sutton sings the following song with such ease and passion; check out “Astonishing” from the Original Broadway production of Little Women (sorry for the bootleg quality, I didn’t take this video):

2. Anything Goes

I saw an incredible cast perform Anything Goes last year when I caught the National Tour, but they have nothing on Sutton. Check out what has become one of my very favorite Musical numbers, “Anything Goes”

And for all you theater geeks out there, here’s the FULL song (around 9 minutes) from a rehearsal for the Broadway Revival.

1. Thoroughly Modern Millie

This is the big one. Sutton’s big first show. Well, obviously not her “first” show, but the one that made her well known. This is another of my favorite shows. It’s truly a triple threat part, and Sutton owned it. Check out the exciting chorus tap number (led by Sutton Foster) “Forget About the Boy”, and then the stirring power ballad, “Gimme Gimme”:

Sutton Foster inspires me. Which artists inspire you?

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