Transformation Thursday: Week 2

So I have this thing called an addiction to candy. It’s ugly. Last week was a show week for me, and show weeks are always filled with binging. BAD JESSICA. I know. It’s a terrible habit that I’m trying very hard to kick. Not only did I have a terrible amount of candy, but I also frequented a lovely restaurant known as Zaxby’s. If you don’t live anywhere near the South, you’ve probably never had the most delectable food sold by this establishment, but lets just say my week had no shortage of fries, fried chicken, and buttery texas toast.


So I got on the scale this past week, KNOWING I had done very poorly food wise. I had gained a pound; how disappointing. FORTUNATELY, I was still going strong with Blogilates, and I was noticing a few things:

1) My clothes are fitting better. HALLELUJAH.

2) These videos are getting easier.

3) My stamina is increasing.

4) I am still really enjoying POP Pilates.

So while the scale did not show me what I wanted to see, I’m ok with it, because I’m still seeing progress. This week I have vowed to do better food wise (fingers crossed), and I am already half-way done with the Beginner’s Calendar (HUZZAH).

I’ve also been trying some Lean Cuisine frozen dinners, and they are surprisingly tasty. I’m super picky about frozen dinners, so that’s a big compliment coming from me. Atkins frozen dinners are great too. So if you are searching for healthier quick meals, I definitely recommend trying them out.

Progress Week 2: +1 lb.

Favorite Video of the Week: Legilates Legsercizes Leg Workout

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