TV Moment #2: Alice Meets Hatter

So I’m slightly obsessed with the Syfy “Alice”. It’s fun, quirky, creative, weird, and slightly trippy. It’s probably my favorite version of “Alice in Wonderland” (which is saying a lot since I’ve read the book many times, and I own like, four different movie versions and have seen more).

Plus, Andrew Lee Potts is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Ever. And I’m convinced his acting in “Alice” is so completely underrated. I personally think it’s a wonderfully masterful performance, and I love that you can read exactly what he’s thinking in his eyes at any given moment. There are MANY actors who do not possess that skill, and yet they are far more acclaimed. So, yeah. I love Andrew Lee Potts as Hatter. He’s adorable.

Anyway, my actual moment for today is the scene from “Alice” where Alice first meets Hatter.

I loved him in “Primeval” as well (another FABULOUS British TV Show), although Hatter is way more suave than Connor Temple ever was.

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