TV Moment #4: The Big Bang Theory

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, depending on your perspective) there are so many ridiculously hilarious moments in this show that I couldn’t choose only one. So I chose three. Because The Big Bang Theory is another one of those laugh till you cry shows. It rarely has a bad episode, and the acting is solidly consistent. The jokes revolve around 4 nerds, both intellectual and social, and their gorgeous airhead of a neighbor.

So here are some of my very favorite moments from the comedy The Big Bang Theory:

Sheldon teaches Penny a little Physics:

Penny, an actress by night, waitress by day kind of gal, wants to learn a little about physics so that she can better relate to and interact with her scientist boyfriend, Leonard. Why she asked Sheldon to help is a mystery to everyone.

Penny teaches Sheldon a little Acting

To help Sheldon become a better teacher (after getting humiliated by students on social media), Penny teaches Sheldon a little about acting. Let’s just say Sheldon is a little resistant.

Sheldon learns how to drive

After irritating his friends to the end of their patience, Sheldon is forced to learn how to drive. He discovers that he is merely too evolved for driving, and that it’s a plebeian task not worth his time.


What’s your favorite Big Bang Theory Moment?

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