TV Moment #5

Parks and Recreation: Ron Swanson

About a year ago I discovered the hilarity that is Parks and Recreation. Similar in filming style to The Office, although far less uncomfortable and full of endearing and awesome characters who navigate the muddy waters of local government, Parks and Rec is a laugh out loud kind of show. And when I say laugh out loud, I mean guffaw. Chortle. Snort. Belly-Laugh. LAUGH TILL YOU CRY kind of show.

Word to the wise, though: if you’ve never seen Parks and Rec, skip seasons 1 and 2. The show took a while to get on its feet and figure out what it really was. But season 3 takes off and it’s comic gold.

Anyway, here’s everyone’s favorite guy: Ron Swanson.

And, if you enjoyed that: Here’s a link to some of the best Ron Swanson Moments:

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