TV Review: Pushing Daises

5 enormous stars

From IMDB: Ned possesses the unique talent of being able to bring the dead to life merely by touching them. However, the person may remain alive only for one minute, or else someone else dies for them. A second touch will render the person dead again, unable to be revived. Through his connections with PI Emerson Cod, Ned revives his childhood sweetheart, Chuck. The trio, aided occasionally by Olive Snook, helps solve the mysteries of various murders, whose murderer is often surprising.


So, I thought I’d start my TV reviews with one of my very favorite TV shows that was cancelled unjustly. Pushing Daisies is a unique gem of a show. I have never seen anything like it. Unless there is some show out there that I have completely missed, there is quite literally nothing like Pushing Daisies. The biggest contributing factor to this opinion is the style of the show.

If you look at this picture and think “That show looks weird…but I like weird”, then this is definitely the show for you. If you aren’t such a fan weird, I still say try it; it’s a very charming show. I firmly believe it can win people over with its adorableness. However, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a quirky show. Reminiscent of the 50’s, this show utilizes vintage inspired costumes/sets/props, has strange and unusual color palettes, and uses melodrama rather than serious drama to draw viewers in every week.  Indeed, Pushing Daisies is such a lighthearted show that, although it does deal with serious topics from time to time, they are almost always presented in a very cheery and entertaining way.


Jim Dale narrates every episode. Listening to his soothing, rich voice every episode only adds to the ambience of this show.Me when I finished the pilot of this glorious and underrated show:

The Cast:


Lee Pace: NED THE PIE MAKER. Pure Adorableness. Doesn’t really want anything more out of life than a comfortable home and life running the pie shop. Until he finds out Chuck was murdered and he brings her back to life.




Anna Friel: Charlotte “Chuck” Charles. Absolutely adorable. Spunky, lively, compassionate. Everything Ned wants and deserves. Except, she’s technically dead. Unfortunately.





Chi McBride: PI Emerson Cod. Keeps it real.  








Kristin Chenoweth: Olive Snook. Bursts into song frequently, as KC always should. Hilarious and adorable as the tiny, jealous waitress in love with Ned.


Me when I found out Pushing Daisies was cancelled:



This show is bursting with big laughs and heartwarming moments. It’s cleverly written, and though it doesn’t carry the weight that many shows today have, it knows exactly what it is and plays on its quirky strengths. Each episode is almost like playing a game of clue; cartoony and fun, and half way through you realize how morbid every episode is but you actually really don’t care because this show has stolen your heart and reminded you that TV can be good clean fun.

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